These days, most people are making sure to wear masks and watch what they touch to stay healthy. A Marietta company has come up with one more way to add an extra layer of protection.

BrandArmor Technologies, based in Marietta, created what they call SafeWalls.

“What this is is a very thin layer of polymer film. It has antimicrobial additives in the film at the compound level, it’s not a coating, it can’t wear off,” said Jonathan Baltic, Vice President of BrandArmor Technologies.

The film can be laminated to any digitally printed wallcovering.

“It makes the walls attractive, but more importantly It inhibits the growth of microbes, bacteria, and viruses by 99.9 percent,” said Baltic.

BrandArmor started working on SafeWalls about a year ago for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

“During the year of development, COVID happened and the world fell apart. Now, a product that we developed for one industry, is a product for any place where people gather or for companies where staffs have to maintain a safe atmosphere,” said Baltic.

The company is currently working with a local school, using SafeWalls in their high traffic hallways.

“What we’re able to do is apply it directly to exposed concrete block walls. Many, many K-12 facilities have exposed concrete blocks,” said Baltic.

Baltic said it’s not just used on walls, it can also be used as a skin on tables for conference rooms or tables. A restaurant in Woodstock currently uses them, adding that extra level of protection for customers and employees.

“The product is EPA and FDA approved safe to be used in a food surface area,” said Baltic.

Baltic said they’re now starting to hear from other companies for uses on high touch areas, like kiosks and ATMs.

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