EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Lori Noble has always been conscious about the food she puts in her body. She gardens. She makes her own fresh juice. She seldom eats red meat and tries to avoid heavily processed food.

It’s a trait she inherited from her mother, who used to work in the dietary department at the old Welborn Clinic, and it’s one that Noble, Lincoln Elementary’s family and community outreach coordinator, has brought to her work running the school’s food pantry.

“I do not want any donations of Vienna sausage, Spam,” said Noble, who would never put those things on her own plate. “You can keep that. Or I can give it to my cat.”

After Noble spent several weeks this spring and summer preparing fresh meals with a local food justice organization, she had a new idea. Not only would her pantry distribute healthier food to those who need it but she would also prepare meal kits so families can cook fresh meals themselves, and so far, it’s worked out well, Noble said, as families have cooked everything from Hamburger Helper substitute to pizza together.

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