What a disaster that would be

A major water main break on Academy Boulevard sure made headlines this weekend! Do you know that we have a 100-year-old water line coming down off Pikes Peak that feeds the Manitou electric hydro station at the top of Ruxton Avenue? Can you imagine if or when that very old waterline does happen to break someday?

What a disaster that would be on all those living downstream on Ruxton Avenue and Manitou Avenue. Do you think the city of Colorado Springs water division would replace this by now?

Or are they waiting for the same kind of disaster that happened at Maizeland and Academy with a much younger water main at that intersection. How about The Gazette does a little reporting and a little investigating on a story of this magnitude getting ready to happen in beautiful downtown Manitou Springs, someday soon.

Steve Lutz

Colorado Springs

Pull out your ballots

After reading Stan Brunk’s comment in last Thursday’s “Viewpoint” column, I totally agree with your analogy. I guess that Colorado Springs Utilities and those on the board needed a raise and figured this is the way to do it, stick it to the strapped homeowners and business owners.

I do have a resolution, we will be voting on City Council members soon. I would urge all voters to do their homework and study those who have been on the council for too long and just passing a vote to appease the entire board and our mayor, making their bonus larger.

Do we know what their bonus has been in the past five years? Colorado Springs, it’s time we knew. Pull out your ballots and start studying. This is your city and you should know how it makes decisions. Let’s put some new council members in who will take care of our city.

Daniel Smith

Colorado Springs

No idea of the circumstances

In Robert Taylor’s March 17 letter about expired license plates, he complained about viewing large numbers of expired plates. He assumed all these people did not pay for insurance and/or their plates. Until a couple of weeks ago, I was one of those persons with an expired temporary plate on my car from November 2020.

I bought insurance for my car the day I got it and registered online for new plates. As the expiration date got close, I had no new plates yet. Called the DMV, who explained that they are running several months behind due to the pandemic. They kindly emailed me a letter that I could use if I was stopped about the plates.

Since the DMV is running so late, there could be many plates like mine out there that appear expired but really are not.

I suggest that you stop assuming the worst and being mad when you do not have all the facts.

If you are driving while noticing the expired plates, you may want to pay more attention to the road. If walking around, enjoy the walk and the beauty of Colorado.

And last of all, if some of those expired stickers really are from people not paying for insurance and/or plates, you have no idea of their circumstances. Be thankful you are healthy and financially able to pay for yours in a time that so many people have died or lost their jobs.

Carly Higdon

Colorado Springs

No offi

cial investigation

Dennis Prager puts it well: “The left ruins everything it touches.” So true — look at education — nearly an entire generation has been taught that America is evil (epitomized in the 1619 Project); sports; entertainment; history; literature; art; music (did you notice that Cardi-B was honored with her WAP performance at the Grammies?); social media (if you have a conservative opinion not only can you be canceled but you can’t even express it on Twitter, Facebook, etc., and God forbid, don’t try to publish a book that is on their unapproved list.

By the way, all you people who have that “Diversity” bumper sticker on your car, best you get rid of that — it belonged to the old Democrat Party, not the Democrat Socialists, and is no longer apropos. But the most egregious is our voting system, the one thing that holds America together. The protesters in the Capitol on Jan. 6 were there because they wanted our legislators to investigate the voter fraud we suspected, for which there was tons of evidence, but no one was investigating (why has no action occurred after Mike Lindell documented so much of it in detail in his video?) and why has no official investigation been done?

One would think that the left would be happy to have an official investigation into it if they were so sure there was no election fraud. Until the 2020 election, I didn’t seriously think America’s election integrity could be thwarted, but I have no faith in it now. I’m even wondering about Colorado now, after a 2019 study showed that 40 of Colorado’s 64 counties had voter registration rates exceeding 100% of eligible citizen voting-age population. Instead of strengthening America’s election procedures after this fiasco, now the left is trying to implement H.R.1 (all the fraud worked so well to get rid of Donald Trump so let’s make it permanent). Be courageous and fight for our country, don’t allow the left to destroy it.

Jeri McGinnis

Colorado Springs

Elbow bumps and sanitation

Such a big deal was made over Gov. Jared Polis’s recent elbow bumps. Here’s a contradiction if ever there was one. We are told to sneeze into our elbows. Then we are told to use elbow bumps instead of making hand contact.

So how is an elbow bump, with an elbow that might have been sneezed onto, any safer or healthier than a handshake or a high-five or a fist bump? I know people are washing their hands and using hand-sanitizer. But who has ever seen anyone washing or sanitizing their elbows?

Marge Baker

Colorado Springs

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