I write as a mother, gardener, and community member who supports voting “yes” on Question 3.

Like many of you, I believe that access to healthy and nutritious food is important for everyone, regardless of age, race, ability or location. I also believe that it is simply smart planning to create a food system that is more resistant to disruptions from volatile weather, supply chain troubles or other uncertainties, especially since nearly 90 percent of the food we consume in Maine comes from far away or from places that are increasingly vulnerable to droughts, floods and other challenges.

There are many strategies for achieving a reliable, healthy food supply chain that works for everyone, and all those approaches are needed. But Question 3 will take Maine’s leadership to a new level, ensuring that all people have the ability to actively participate in creating a healthy food future if they desire to do so.

If passed, our right to produce food for ourselves and our communities will be enshrined in a more durable way, without compromising any of our effective health and safety standards. It will lead to greater health and nutrition, a more democratic food system, and the ability to build a multi-faceted food supply for the people of Maine that will help us weather the uncertainties of the years ahead.

Ultimately, voting “yes” on Question 3 is a way that we can all express our support for healthy people, communities and local economies across the state.

Lisa Fernandes
Cape Elizabeth

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