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Legit Rewards Or ECommerce Scam? (2022)

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Legit Rewards Or ECommerce Scam? (2022)

How does a Clubshop work? How do you make money from this?  All these questions are answered in this ClubShop review.

So, overall, If you are looking for a detailed ClubShop review, then you are in the right place!

I am Somraj Mondal, Founder, and CEO of Noni4all.com. On this website, I have reviewed almost 200 direct selling, MLM, and affiliate marketing companies on this blog.

There is some buzz on the internet about a new money-making program called ClubShop Online Mall. To determine, whether is it legit or a scam, I started doing my research on the company.

After in-depth research about ClubShop Online Mall, in this article, I am reviewing ClubShop Online Mall Company.

So, let’s dive right in.

What Is Clubshop?

ClubShop is a UK-based MLM company that offers an e-commerce platform to earn money. When people buy products on their eCommerce platform through your reference, you will get a commission, it is almost similar to Affiliate Marketing, but no, it is MLM.

Richard Burke founded the Clubshop in 1997 in Florida, USA. 

By the way, there is something that I noticed. The company claims, that it was founded in the USA, but, the official website is made by  ProProfit Worldwide Limited. This,  ProProfit Worldwide Limited is incorporated with the UK government and also the registered address of the company is in the UK.

In addition, the first name of Clubshop.com was “Discount Home Shoppers Club”, this name company was started in Florida.

Also, the domain name information states that the domain name was updated in June 2020 which would make more sense if ClubShop launched.

Clubshop Company Profile

Company Name ClubShop Online Mall
Founder Richard Burke
Started 1997
Head Office Florida, USA or London, United Kingdom(Not Confirmed)
Products and Services Ecommerce Platform
Website www.clubshop.com

What Products Does Clubshop Offer?

It is a surprise to see, that Clubshop has no products and services. The company provides cashback offers and discounts on available products.

In this part of the Clubshop review, I will show you the full information on the product line of the company.

Clubshop offers an e-commerce platform. This is free to sign up for non-members and offers discounts and cashback. You need to join and also recruit others to join the program.

As for any services or retail products, there is no explanation of the retail side of its business model, according to the company’s website.

Does this E-commerce website work?

Most of the traffic to this site comes from USA, Italy, France, Netherlands, and Belgium.

This is none other than an offer to make it look like they have something to offer as an MLM company. You can earn money from the company through its referrals.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

There are 6 different levels and joining fees for joining the Clubshop which are between $14.90 to  $314.50 per month. The minimum cost to join ClubShop is $14.90 for the basic membership.

Level Monthly Membership Fee
Basic $14.90
Basic Plus $29.90
Pro $49.90
Pro Plus $89.90
Premier $129.90
Premier Prosperman $249.90

By the way, there is an option of a 30-day trial. By enrolling in this free trial, you can earn as an affiliate but your income will not credit to your main account, until, you have not joined the company completely, by paying the required membership fee.

If you join all tiers with prices attached, you’ll save $314.50 per month!

How to Make Money from ClubShop Compensation Plan?

As an affiliate of Clubshop, you have two choices to earn money through the company.

Here are the criteria you must meet before starting to earn money.

  1. You must recruit those new affiliate members who purchase products through their eCommerce platform. 
  2. You have to pay your monthly subscription payments.

1. Fast Start Commission

Under the Fast Start Sponsoring Commissions, For those members you have personally recruited, from them, you will earn 50% of the membership fees that they pay to the company.

In addition, you will earn 50% of the membership fees from your personally recruited affiliates if they upgrade if they decide to upgrade.

2. Residual Monthly Commission

The company pays you residual commissions based on the MLM uni-level compensation plan model.

The Unilevel compensation plan is that the first level of the plan will consist of only members you have personally recruited.

Tier 2 of your Unilevel compensation plan will only have team members that your Tier 1 members have personally recruited to it.

The third level of your uni-level compensation plan will only have team members that your level 2 members will personally recruit to it. The company pays a residual commission each month on the monthly membership fees paid by your downline team members.

It is based on percentage and is paid by percentage per level.

Here’s the list of what you’ll earn at each level per month:

Level Commission Percentage
Level 1 2%
Level 2 3%
Level 3 4%
Level 4 7%
Level 5 14%
Level 6 20%

3. Guaranteed Monthly Returns Commission

Guaranteed monthly return commission is the strangest part of the compensation plan that ClubShop offers. You must qualify for a “Guaranteed Monthly Commission” to qualify for one of the positions.

For the first qualified rank, ‘Walton‘, Company pays you $10.10 per month. And, the highest rank is ‘Prosperman’ where the company pays you $9750.10.

For each rank after Walten, the monthly payment increases, and qualifying for a higher rank will depend on how much money you have left each month and what membership you are paying each month.

4. ECommerce Commission Bonus

Under this Ecommerce commission bonus income, when you and your downline your Unilevel purchases of products on their eCommerce platform.

By the way, sorry to say It’s not clear how specific it works based on the information available to me at this time.

Is Clubshop a Scam?

If you say to me, What is your thought, Is Clubshop a scam?

After seeing all the information and facts, my Opinion on this Clubshop review is, that it is not fully a scam but seems to be a scam.

The reason for saying this is some serious issues could trouble the company later such as:

The company does not offer its retail goods or services.

Guaranteed monthly commission to easily reach positions in the company.

Basically, as an MLM Company, the company have to its products or service for retailing. When you don’t offer it, and members just make money by recruiting others, it’s not legit.

Trustpilot Clubshop Rewards Review 

This is 100% scammers, report you fake commissions to make you pay GPS activation, after paid say you wrich the commissions shown is not withdrawable.

Stormgain Customer

After a long time in my life, I found happiness in this club shop. Best of luck to all the partners, and affiliates. Be positive. I am a partner of this Clubshop. After a long time in my life, I found happiness in this clubshop. I am positive and I never leave this Clubshop.Best of luck to all the partners, and affiliates. Be positive

Basavaraj. C

I am Stil a little unsure about Clubshop. They are very good at flooding you inbox with details of new trail partners from around the world and after you have joined the program at the basic level they tell you you have just lost $xxx in commission. They are of course appealing to our basic greed instincts but their communication strategy is confusing. I will press on for a couple of months but feel they need to improve certain aspects of their communications to improve confidence in new members who potential might commit more time.

John Gregory Norman

My thoughts on joining ClubShop?

With the above information, now you have a good overall idea of ​​the negatives and positives of the Clubshop Company.

If you’re asking me should join Clubshop company? My answer is a full NO. In my word, Clubshop is a Money Circulation and Ponzi scheme.

Keep in mind, it is my personal opinion. I am not an adviser to you. It depends on whether you join the company or not, after seeing the facts of the company.


So, this is the last part of the Clubshop Review. Maybe the Ecommerce Platform of the company is good, you will get a lot of products to buy but to earn money, you have to recruit members, and there is no retailing option.

We already know that MLM’s success rate is only 0.04% and it takes more than thousands of days to build a strong network. I hope you got complete information about Clubshop company from this review.

Now, I want to know from you:

Which E-commerce platform you are mostly used?

Do you want to join Clubshop MLM company to earn money?

Let me know in the comments section now.

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