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This looks like an escalating contest.

When hunting for a rugged, capable vehicle, many people look at the Jeep lineup. This might make Jeep CJ and Toyota FJ40 owners snicker, but many consider the Wrangler to be top-dog when it comes to off-roading chops for modern vehicles. According to Ford, it’s the number one cross-shopped brand for Jeep, showing its strategy of ditching all cars but the Mustang is having an effect on consumer perception.

Before you jump to the conclusion this is all because of the new Bronco lineup, this info comes from people cross-shopping Ford before then. The resurrection of the famous trail machine will only help boost the Blue Oval’s image even further in this area, but don’t think other Fords aren’t perceived as being rugged, utility-heavy machines.

The ultimate example is, of course, the Ford Raptor. An F-150 pushed further (and wider) it’s the vehicle of choice not only for outdoor enthusiasts but also famously US Customs and Border Protection as well as other law enforcement agencies.

Even the rest of the Ford F-150 lineup is quite capable for trail duty, at least when equipped with four-wheel drive. Same goes for the Super Duty line. There’s a healthy array of aftermarket parts for Ford trucks to make them even more capable and customized for owners’ needs, a factor which attracts many to the Jeep Wrangler.

There’s little doubt that now the Ford Bronco is charging onto the scene it will ensure Ford not only continues on as the most cross-shopped brand for Jeep, but that it might begin to steal sales from the Wrangler. Just how much of a market impact it will have depends on many factors, including how the new Bronco’s image survives once SUVs are in consumers’ hands and their mettle is truly tested on trails, etc.

This tidbit of information came from the Ford Motor Company Second Quarter 2020 Earnings slide deck presentation for investors. Also of interest from the presentation is a hint at future vehicle reveals. We know both a hybrid and all-electric versions of the F-150 are coming, but is there something we don’t know about? Perhaps even another vehicle with classic roots like the Bronco? Leave a comment if you have any ideas or even wild wishes.

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