October 16, 2021

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Jay Glazer: Patrick Mahomes Was ‘Choked Out’, Not Concussed in Browns Game

Jay Glazer: “Look, the toe is probably more of an issue. Guys, if you look right here, [looking at his own monitor showing the Patrick Mahomes tackle] look where the hand is around his neck and around the artery. People get so mad that I am talking about a concussion they didn’t believe was a concussion. He was trying to get back in the game that day. Yeah, he got up wobbly and woozy because he gets that artery hit just like you’re getting choked out in mixed martial arts. Your lights go out. It doesn’t go slowly, when you get choked out it’s [FLASH] and you’re out. Then sometimes you start doing things you don’t realize you’re doing where you’re grabbing a referees’ leg or a teammate’s leg, or whatever, and that’s what they believe happen more so than a concussion. But now he’s wobbly, and he has to go through concussion protocol… It doesn’t take a lot to put somebody out when you hit that artery. They expect him to pass the concussion protocol. I had one guy hit me up on Twitter saying ‘you’re an MMA guy, you should know better. It takes five seconds to choke somebody out.’ This guy I think was an instructor somewhere. We’ll, you need to close your school because it takes way less than five seconds to choke someone out. It takes about a second and a half, or two seconds… That’s what they thought was the issue with Patrick. That day he was trying to argue with them to let him back in, but obviously the visual with him stumbling all over — you can’t let that happen. I know it’s a very sensitive topic, but I’m giving you the facts that I’ve been told.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Fox Sports NFL reporter and seasoned MMA trainer Jay Glazer explain to Colin Cowherd why he believes Patrick Mahomes’ scary injury during their Divisional Round victory vs. the Browns wasn’t actually a concussion but was really Mahomes effectively getting ‘choked out’ from a tackle a defender made with a tight hold around Mahomes’ neck.

Mahomes is currently going through concussion protocol because of the tackle that left Mahomes woozy and wobbly, and one that team officials didn’t let him return to the field after. However, Glazer says Mahomes being restricted from playing again was more the team being hesitant to play him after such a scary post-tackle behavior from Mahomes, and the bad optics there would have been with him returning when he was clearly struggling to stand up moments after the tackle.

Check out the segment above as Jay details why Mahomes’ toe injury is the actual injury the Chiefs should be worried about.

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