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Jamie Oliver Lost 26 Pounds By Making This One Change to His Diet

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Jamie Oliver has been a beloved personality in the food industry for decades, winning over fans with his cookbooks, TV shows, and support of programs that help families access healthy food. However, with cooking and eating being such major components of his career, the star has seen his weight fluctuate over the years. Oliver recently opened up about losing 26 pounds, crediting his transformation to one simple change to his routine.

Read on to discover how Oliver shed the weight. And for more celebrity transformations, Ree Drummond Reveals the Four Things She Did to Lose 48 Pounds in 8 Months.

jamie oliver in blue shirt standing in front of a white car holding up a burger in one hand
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In a recent interview with Radio Times (via Express.co.uk), Oliver revealed that a single change to his dietary habits was the catalyst for the bulk of his weight loss: Reducing how much meat he eats.

“I pushed meat down, pushed veggie up, got more sleep and more movement,” he explained. Oliver added that he wasn’t depriving himself or sticking to tiny portions to shed the pounds.

“I lost 12 kilos quite quickly and I didn’t do it through not eating. I ate a lot, more than I was used to,” he explained.

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seaweed salad

Not only did Oliver increase the proportion of vegetables in his diet, but he also tried some healthy new greens on for size.

“I thought seaweed was hippy, globetrotting stuff but our ancestors ate seaweed. It has got a load of iodine and is the most nutritious vegetable in the world,” he explained.

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mixed nuts

It wasn’t just reducing his meat intake and increasing his veggies that helped Oliver shed the pounds, however: the star also began snacking on nuts.

“They make you half as likely to have a heart attack. Feed them to your kids as well,” suggested the dad of five.

jamie oliver in a chambray shirt and jeans drinking a beer
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While Oliver didn’t cut out drinking entirely to shed the weight, he admitted to taking a more moderate approach toward imbibing.

“I’m not telling you what to do, but my rhythm now is only to drink at the weekend,” he explained.

For more incentive to scale back on booze, check out What Happens To Your Body When You Give Up Alcohol.

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