When it comes to skincare, we do not want to take any risks. One wrong product and years of maintaining healthy skin can go down the drain. While there are some products and ingredients that are an absolute no-go for skin, we are here to tell you about the one ingredient that is a must for healthy skin.

Yes, we are talking about Vitamin C! While the pandemic has been all about popping Vitamin C tablets in your mouth to help with your immunity, did you know that Vitamin C works miraculously for the skin as well? If you don’t believe us, listen to the expert! We care for you readers and we only want the best for you. This is why, we spoke to Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj, a dermatologist from Delhi who is also an anti-aging expert. We asked her about the importance of Vitamin C for our skin and how we can include it in our skincare regime.

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how is vitamic c good for skincare one

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Here are the tips shared by Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj:

Eat Vitamin C

Dr. Deepali insisted on consuming Vitamin C orally. She said this was her favourite way to include the vitamin in her diet. She added, “Nothing better than having a supplement of Vitamin C and ensuring for adults more than 1500mm of Vitamin C goes in your diet everyday.” Looks like all the Vitamin C tablets we have been binging on during the pandemic will soon show some positive effects on our skin!

Avoid Vitamin C Rich Creams, Use Serums Instead

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The one thing that really made us question all our skincare practices is when the doctor shared with us that using Vitamin C-rich creams will not reap any benefits. What a waste of money have we brought upon ourselves buying all those orange coloured, apparently Vitamin C-rich creams and passionately rubbing it on our face, hoping to see improvements.

Doctor Deepali told us, “If you want to apply Vitamin C, then in the cream form it will never get absorbed because of the molecular size, so Vitamin C is very good as serums”.

While picking a Vitamin C serum, she recommended we pick only those that are dermatologically approved which are not only medically certified but are cheaper as well!

Vitamin C For Acne

The number of times we have googled, “tips to get rid of acne”, has been uncountable. We don’t know if Google has listened to you but we certainly have! When we asked Dr. Deepali if acne could be prevented and cured by vitamin C, she recommended a recipe. “Use a few drops of lemon juice with fuller’s earth(multani mitti). The ascorbic acid in Vitamin C will burst the acne-causing bacteria faster and the acne will resolve sooner.”

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Vitamin C For Radiance And Glow

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“Vitamin C is very effective for radiance and glow,” says Dr. Deepali. She recommended using Vitamin C in the form of a serum or just plain simple lime juice with other products while getting ready for a party! So if you have had a tiring day at work and need to head straight to a party, you know what to add to your beauty regime!

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Vitamin C For Anti-Aging

“Using Vitamin C serum gives anti-aging benefits because it forms a blocking on the skin from the harmful side-effects of the sunrays.” For all of you out there who are stressing about your sagging skin and age lines(read more on preventing loose skin), it may be due to the sun. this is the perfect way to battle it!

She recommended the use of vitamin C serum layered with sunscreen in the morning and the same layers with an anti-aging night cream before sleeping!

We hope we could help you with your doubts and concerns regarding the use of Vitamin C for skin. If you liked this article and would like to read more of these, stay tuned to Her Zindagi!

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