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Good morning Horners! Joining Good Morning Gjallarhorn today was one of the Daily Norseman’s great writers, Warren Ludford. He’s here to talk your Vikings, the defense and the playoffs. Also, some bonus thoughts about Kirk Cousins.

Dave asked about his written piece from a couple a weeks ago and wonders if the Vikings defense has actually improved. Read it here: https://www.dailynorseman.com/2020/12/4/21734182/can-the-vikings-defense-get-there-this-year. There has been improvement, especially in the defensive backfield. Cameron Dantzler and Jeff Gladney have improved their play since the bye week. Before that it was full of rookie mistakes, but since, their growth has been visible, especially with Dantzler who is playing as one of the better corners in the league. Gladney has had to learn both the outside and nickel corner spots and it will be entering next season to see if a healthy Mike Hughes can compliment the rookies from this year. This year there hasn’t been much improvement from the front 4 or those that rotate with them. They have been the weakest part of the D and can’t generate pressures and sacks enough to keep opposing QB’s on their toes. There is signs that DJ Wonnum might develop and if he does, the line next year with Michael Pierce and Dannielle Hunter back will look a lot better.

Warren went onto to discuss the Vikings playoff situation. Read his article on it here: https://www.dailynorseman.com/2020/12/13/22173384/vikings-updated-playoff-scenario. The most important game being this one against the Bears. They need to win it and move onto Christmas with hope against the Saints. The Vikings basically need the Cardinals to drop at least one more game than they do after beating the Bears to have a shot. It is possible, but they must beat Chicago first.

A viewer, Steve, asked Warren about his thoughts on Kirk Cousins and has he improved this season. There are some little things like a more willingness to move to avoid the rush, and even run for a first down that we’ve seen. Kirk’s pressure to sack rate has been lower than expected. Cousins has been greatly pressured this season [an O-line issue to talk about in a future show], but has improved taking less sacks. That is a good thing as he develops chemistry with Justin Jefferson.

#Vlogmas2020 continues with live broadcasts daily from Daily Norseman and the Climbing The Pocket Network. Thanks go out to Warren for joining GMG & Friends and we look forward to seeing more of him in the future. After the game tomorrow, catch GMG In The Raw where the guys have you join in the postgame reactions. Good, bad or ugly it is always entertaining. #LetsGetLive!

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