While fans wait for season three of Welcome to Plathville to be announced, there’s plenty of unseen content on Ethan and Olivia’s YouTube channel.

Can’t get enough of Ethan and Olivia Plath? The standout stars who defied Kim and Barry in TLC’s Welcome to Plathville have you covered. Their joint YouTube channel may not have many videos, but it does offer an inside look at some of the couple’s sweetest moments.

Ethan and Olivia have been married since 2018. While they’re very much in love, it hasn’t been totally smooth sailing. That’s thanks to Ethan’s parents, Kim and Barry Plath. Kim and Barry are notoriously strict parents who sheltered their children from many aspects of the outside world. Even though Olivia was of the same faith as Ethan and his family, Kim and Barry found fault with her. In the season two finale of Welcome to Plathville, Ethan heroically stood up for his wife, and the two have continued to maintain a no-contact rule with Kim and Barry ever since.

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Despite breaking contact with Kim and Barry, Ethan and Olivia have been thriving as a married couple. Their YouTube channel shares some of their highs, like Olivia being named one of the top 100 photographers in the world for groom photography. Her photography business has taken off, and Ethan works as a mechanic after years of working on old cars as a hobby. Ethan and Olivia’s YouTube channel only has four videos, but that could change soon. Their latest video ends with a promising message: “Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss future content!

Ethan and Olivia’s YouTube channel was started in 2019, and the first video they uploaded was their wedding video, created by Handel Humphrey. This video has the most views on their channel by far, with close to 320,000. It shows glimpses of the Plath parents, as well as Ethan’s many siblings. In January of 2021, things on the channel ramped up as Ethan and Olivia released their first homemade video. The video is called “Ethan Does Olivia’s Makeup!” and it’s as hilarious as it sounds. Ethan’s sheltered upbringing takes on a new level as he tries to read the labels of the many products Olivia uses. In the end, he doesn’t do too bad a job for a first-timer.

The channel’s latest video shows more insight into what date night looks like for Ethan and Olivia. Titled “Fun Valentines Date at Home,” the video shows Ethan and Olivia creating a charcuterie board. Olivia’s organized nature is contrasted with Ethan’s chill attitude, creating the “balance” that Ethan referenced in his vows, which were showcased in their wedding video. They even share glasses of cranberry prosecco, which would be a big no-no for Kim and Barry Plath due to Kim’s former struggle with alcohol. However, Ethan and Olivia seem to have a healthy approach to drinking, and to dating. Their lowkey date perfectly captures the subdued Valentine’s Day energy that 2021 required, as most couples were stuck finding socially distant ways to celebrate.

Although they only have four videos at the moment, Ethan and Olivia’s YouTube channel gives fans a closer look at the dynamics at play between Ethan and Olivia. As the two grow together and continue to live life on their own terms, fans can look forward to future videos, and possibly a future season three of Welcome to Plathville, sometime soon.

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