Full body dumbbell Intermediate workout for strength & weight loss

This is a full body strengthening workout with dumbbells. All you need is a mat, a chair, a set of dumbbells and some water. Some of the exercises are intermediate so go at your level.

Below are the exercises in order:

  1. warm up with butt kicks
  2. side leg tuck and lift back and up. 15 reps. Hold for 10 seconds on the last rep.
  3. one-minute squat rocks (balance, legs)
  4. squat on toes. 15 reps (balance, legs, calves, core, shoulders)
  5. one-minute chest flyes, one full rep followed by a half rep (also known as partials)
  6. sumo deadlift with one dumbbell held in the center with both hands
  7. single arm swing rows (back exercise)
  8. pronated arc front raises (shoulders)
  9. pronated touch-bottom lateral raises (side delts aka shoulders)
  10. bent-over rear delt rows with elbows out
  11. seated pronated wide biceps curls (forearms, biceps)
  12. supine triceps skull crusher extensions with 1 dumbbell (triceps)
  13. straight arm plank to downward dog to plank, knee in, repeat. One minute (shoulders, abs)
  14. alternating side plank, top arm up, stack feet, raise top leg. 3 sets (shoulders, obliques, side glutes)
  15. lay on your stomach, head on your forearms, raise left leg and left arm. Repeat on other side. 1 minute. (low back)
  16. supermans for 1 minute (low back, shoulders)
  17. sphynx pose stretch aka forearm cobra pose (ab and back stretch)
  18. prone quad stretch, one leg at a time
  19. supine glute stretch aka figure-four stretch
  20. hamstring stretch on back, bend and straighten one leg, then switch sides
  21. sucasana (seated cross-legged) back bend with hands interlaced behind the low back
  22. triceps and biceps stretches
  23. butterfly stretch

All exercise involves risk. You assume any and all risks so go at your level. Stop at the first sign of pain. Exercise should not hurt, but it should elevate your heart rate, increase your body temperature (maybe make you sweat), and feel your muscles working and stretching.

Press the play button on the YouTube video below to perform this strength workout with me.

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