December 7, 2021

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Food podcast: Why you should make your holiday dinner plate colorful

On the latest episode of the food podcast presented by Clearview Federal Credit Union on the TribLIVE Podcast Network, the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank explains some great ways to guarantee your holiday meals are delicious and nutritious.

It’s the Food Bank’s mission to not only provide food, but healthy food. The Food Bank’s Healthy Pantry Initiative Educator Sawyer Sidelinger says the holidays don’t need to be a time of sacrifice.

“One of the biggest things we hear is this feeling of overeating or gaining holiday pounds. So how do we take a step back and check in with ourselves and remind ourselves that these are our bodies — we should be proud of them,” Sidelinger says.

“We shouldn’t have so much shame about holiday eating. Instead, we should just be mindful of trying to consume as many fruits and vegetables during the holiday season.”

The Food Bank’s Nutrition & Wellness Coordinator Erin Spangler says one of the easiest ways to get nutrition without checking labels is to simply make sure your plate is colorful.

“We know generally that a healthy eating pattern includes fruits and vegetables, fresh, canned or frozen, really any form is great,” Spangler says. “That will add a lot of that color. So try to fill half of your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables.”

When it comes to seasoning, steering toward herbs instead of salt is also beneficial for a variety of medical conditions. To learn more about holiday food safety listen to the full episode of the Food Podcast.

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Listen: The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank’s Sawyer Sidelinger and Erin Spangler talk about ways to make holiday meals delicious and nutritious

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