CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Halloween is just days away, but before trick-or-treaters pick out their costumes and hit the neighborhood, first responders have a few tips children and parents should keep in mind.

Alpha Fire Company’s fire chief Steve Bair, says folks should make sure they read the labels on materials, especially if making your own costume, to ensure that it’s not flammable. He also says to stay away from long trailing fabrics that could get caught in someone’s porch decor if they were to be using real candles.

As for people planning to use a real flame, Bair says to make sure that it’s kept 3 feet away from any other decorations.

“Especially at Halloween when people are using things like toilet paper for spider webs, or cornstalks, very flammable,” said Bair.

Second, he says to keep an eye on the flame, even if you’re not planning on going to the door.

“In the Covid age you’ll put a table out of goodies and then you’ve got this display, so you just got to watch it,” said Bair.

 When it comes to costumes, State College Police Department Officer Dean Woodring says to make sure that kids are wearing light costumes or reflective tape; that way, when night falls, they can still be seen.

He also says to avoid zig-zagging back and forth across the street when going door to door for your treats.

“Go to house to house in a methodical order. Start on one side of the street, come back on the other side of the street,” said Woodring.

Last, he advises staying in groups, making sure you have a phone on you, as well as waiting to eat any candy until you get home.

“Simply because there’s always the stories about the candy being tampered with which are very rare but it’s always safe to do that it gives them the chance to see what they’re actually eating before partaking in it,” said Woodring.

Woodring says SCPD will be patrolling neighborhoods Halloween night, as well as handing out glow sticks to ensure that every trick-or-treater is safe.

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