June 21, 2024


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EDITORIAL: Newspapers vital to health of communities | Editorial

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“Quite frankly, many of the important stories in your community would not be covered at all if it weren’t for this newspaper and nearly 90 others across the state just like it. Research shows our communities are stronger when they have a healthy local newspaper.

“There’s more misinformation and fake news out there than ever before, but your local newspaper – staffed by local reporters – can be trusted to report the facts. S.C. newspaper journalists are dedicated to accurately reporting on stories that matter and impact your community because they live in and care about this community, too. …

“… There is no better time to show your support for the high-quality journalism provided by this local newspaper. If you are a casual reader, subscribe.

“If you are a subscriber, tell your friends and family to support local news. If you own a local business, advertise. Your newspaper depends on your financial support to remain strong.”

Some say newspapers won’t be around eventually in the information age. They are wrong. Amid an explosion of information available from so many sources today, there will continue to be a need for local journalists devoted to gathering credible local news. The way that news is presented continues to evolve, but it is important to people no matter how they receive the news.

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