December 7, 2022


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Do you have what it takes to care for a special needs pet? | Pets

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Perfectly imperfect. Pets with unique traits can bring so much joy into our lives.

While it’s not common for Midlands Humane Society to have dogs or cats with only three legs, it does happen. Often referred to as a tripod, pets missing a leg at the shelter is often the result of trauma, infection or disease.

MHS works with partner veterinarians to help these animals through amputations if that is deemed the best course of action for their long- term health and happiness. Three-legged pets can live long and healthy lives with minimal adjustment to compensate for their missing limb.

Best Friends Animal Society provides the following tips on keeping a three-legged cat or dog safe and happy.

Tips for adopters of three-legged cats

Never let the cat outside unsupervised and if you want your cat to spend time outdoors, teach her to walk with a harness and leash, or construct a cattery to enable her to enjoy the outdoors safely.

If your adopted cat has recently lost a limb, be patient and supportive during the adjustment period. Most three-legged cats adapt well and, in time, become as active and energetic as they were before losing the leg.

Although you should keep a close eye on your three-legged cat, encourage independence and avoid being over-protective. Your cat must learn how to compensate for the missing leg. For example, the cat needs to build up additional strength in other limbs, so don’t carry her everywhere.

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