January 29, 2022

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in New York

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one specialization of psychology that deals with coaching individuals through their fears, insecurities, failures, traumas, and mental handicaps. Although it is a challenging role to be a cognitive behavioral therapist in New York, it is also rewarding.

What is the Role of a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist?

People usually cannot tell the difference between feelings and reality, especially after a traumatic experience. This is also experienced by individuals who are going through a mental health disorder or addiction.

The role of a cognitive behavioral therapist in New York is to help them clarify the connections between behaviors, thoughts, relationships, and past events. In addition to this, they also help people:

  • Identify their thoughts and behaviors
  • Influence those thoughts and behaviors for the better
  • Reflect on their unhealthy patterns
  • Form healthier approaches to the challenges and emotions brought about by everyday life
  • See how negative thought patterns are affecting their lives
  • Adjust negative thought patterns to affect the real world and their existence in it.

To be able to accomplish these roles, cognitive behavioral therapists use a variety of techniques such as:

  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy
  • Cognitive behavior therapy

What You Can Expect in a Cognitive-Based Therapy in New York

Cognitive behavioral therapy in New York may be done through an individual session or in groups with family members or individuals who are experiencing the same issues. Because of this approach, you can get either of these services:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety in New York
  • Behavioral therapy for children and adults in New York
  • Trauma-based therapy in New York
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for children in New York
  • Cognitive behavioral family therapy in New York

You can expect a CBT session that involves learning about your mental health condition and learning and practicing techniques such as relaxation, coping, resilience, stress management, and assertiveness.

    The First CBT Session

A cognitive behavioral therapist in New York will typically ask what concerns you would like to work on during your first session. He or she will gather information about your present and past physical and emotional health conditions to get a better understanding of what you are going through.  

You can also take this opportunity to know more about your therapist so that you will understand these things:

  • What approach your therapist will be using
  • The type of therapy that is appropriate for you
  • His or her goals of your treatment
  • Length of each CBT session
  • Number of therapy sessions you will be needing

You may or may not feel comfortable with your cognitive behavioral therapist at your first meeting. Hence, you can always try another therapist. Finding a good ‘fit’ for your therapy needs will help you get the most benefit from your therapy sessions.

Succeeding Sessions of CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapists’ major role is to talk with you but their job involves so much more than that. For each session that you will be having with a cognitive behavioral therapist in New York, they will help you do the following:

  • Set goals to ensure that time is spent wisely
  • Keep on track with what’s happening
  • Reflect both on progress and regression
  • Develop healthier behaviors
  • Escape from your negative belief and behaviors

CBT sessions are usually on a short-term basis, like no more than 20 sessions. These sessions would include the following tasks that your therapist will have to accomplish to help you succeed in achieving your goals for your therapy:

  • Assigning journaling or reading assignments
  • Teaching mindfulness and relaxation
  • Coaching or using exposure therapy to reduce the results of fear
  • Giving thought exercises
  • Openly challenging beliefs
  • Creating treatment plans
  • Keeping track of data and paperwork

Significantly Improve the Quality of Your Life With a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in New York

Cognitive behavioral therapy differs from and has been proven to be even more effective than other forms of psychological treatment.  

Advances in this specialized field of psychology have made it possible to produce changes in an individual because it is based on both research and clinical practice. There is enough scientific evidence that CBT techniques and methods develop impressive results.

If you are going through depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug use problems, marital problems, eating disorders, and severe mental illness, you can hope for a better and improved quality of life through a cognitive behavioral therapist in New York.If you are looking for a cognitive behavioral therapist in New York? Call Dr. Tory Tomassetti now!