Candace Cameron Bure says people might misinterpret her Christian values, but “sex doesn’t stop once you get married.”

The Fuller House star appeared on a Nov. 18 episode of “Confessions Of A Crappy Christian Podcast” hosted by Blake Guichet and explored, among other topics, the backlash to a Sept. Instagram photo of her husband Val playfully groping her body. After fans criticized the 44-year-old, citing her faith, Bure deleted the image — although she had the last word.

“For all of you Christians that are questioning my post with my husband’s hand on my boob — my husband of 24 years — thinking it was inappropriate, it makes me laugh because it’s my husband, we have so much fun together,” she shared on Instagram stories in response to the trolling. “He can touch me anytime he wants, and I hope he does. This is what a healthy, good marriage and relationship is all about.”

“I’m sorry if it offended you,” she said. “I’m actually not sorry.” She later reposted the image with pride.

The handsy photo in question. (Photo: Instagram via Candace Cameron Bure)
The handsy photo in question. (Photo: Instagram via Candace Cameron Bure)

During the Wednesday podcast, Bure explored the intersection of religion and celebrity. That photo, which was snapped on a whim, Bure thought “was super funny and cute” — and it irked the actress that some followers opined that it’s “so inappropriate that you posted that as a Christian” and “you should be more modest.”

“This is something to be celebrated as a Christian,” Bure told Guichet while reflecting on the incident. “Sex doesn’t stop once you get married. Sex is the blessing of marriage and I hate when Christians are like, ‘No! You have to pretend like you’ve never had sex’ and ‘We only know that you’ve had sex three times because you’ve had three children.’”

Bure married her husband, a retired hockey player, at age 20 and they share three children: Natasha, 22, Lev, 20, and Maksim, 18.

“So sometimes there’s a skew about sex that — within the Christian community — that I get really sad about,” she continued. “Because if we are to promise ourselves for one another and preach saving yourself for marriage, then sex needs to be celebrated within marriage and it’s not to be shameful.”

Within the Christian community, said Bure, sexual education is often veiled in shame. Her parents were role models, however, sex wasn’t discussed, leaving her to parse together information from her older sisters. Bure admitted that when she married, “I didn’t know anything about sex.”

Unsurprisingly, Bure, who is is currently starring in TV films If I Only Had Christmas and Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, both on the Hallmark Channel, struggled with her sexual identity as a new bride. “I lived in such a fear of like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m not supposed to be a sexual person because I have to save myself, God is going to think negatively of me if I’m having sex…” she said. Even during intercourse, Bure was plagued with intrusive feelings of guilt. “It’s very difficult to flip that switch.”

Today, Bure has resolved those feelings and empowers her children about sex, even if it makes them cringe. “I probably annoy my kids, again because I have talked about sex with them their whole lives,” she said adding, “I just make it a part of everyday conversation.”

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