Kevin Stefanski
Kevin Stefanski (Photo: Jeff Lange, USA TODAY Sports)

Good morning Cleveland Browns fans!

Our journey through the news desert has ended. The oasis of training camp lies before us.

Training camp kicked off yesterday and you know what that means… yes, your Newswire guy had to wake up extra early to catalog all the informational goodness which was tossed onto the Internet yesterday. We’ve gone from looking under rocks for any Browns news to bathing in the ridiculous harvest of news stories we have today.

The massive motherlode of Browns news links, of course, coincides with the first day of camp. With camp open to the media but closed to the fans until Friday, they’re reliant on the good people of the Browns press corps to keep them informed.

Meanwhile, our OBR Twitch channel continues to pick up steam and followers. Great show last night with Not the Same Old Browns holding court and talking about the first day of camp. Tonight, Jake Burns returns to deliver more Xs and Os analysis. There are other Browns sites out there that have given film review a whirl, but the copies are never as good as the original. Check Jake’s analysis out tonight as we continue to expand our video offerings heading into the season.

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