July 23, 2024


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Body Positive Fitness Instagram Accounts To Follow for Summer Inspo

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Every year as it gets warmer, the scourge of summer diet culture returns to make people feel weird and off about their bodies. (Remember: The devil works hard but people who want you to feel bad about your body and buy stuff to change it work harder!) Combined with the ways that hyper-visual social media (oh hey Instagram!) can contribute to making people lose sight of all the ways bodies can be diversely beautiful, strong, powerful and good, sometimes your feed just needs a makeover to be a whole lot more body positive.

I like following a good fitness influencer as much as the next girl but also know that the content can be frustrating or triggering for a lot of folks who want to learn about a new workout or get some cool inspiration without having to wade through the diet culture ,body negative ickiness. We’re all too good for that!

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That’s why we rounded up a few really wonderful body positive fitness instagram accounts that focus on celebrating bodies in all their diverse, powerful and complex glory. Read on and get ready to revamp your fitspo feed in the best way!


You may have seen Jessamyn Stanley’s gorgeous photos go viral a few times now, featuring feats of strength, flexibility and just the intense power of the human body in all sorts of phenomenal yoga poses. Her page features artful photos, links to classes (lots of virtual stuff these days) and inspiration for days.


Julia Parzyck is an eating disorder recovery coach who really has great perspective on feeling well and connected to your body and not being wrecked by diet culture or standards of beauty that prioritize thinness over fulfillment. She’s also got killer style and great taste in workout clothes — so you get some fashion and fitness (mental and physical) inspo in one!



Jessie Diaz Herrera’s feed is full of dancing, cute outfits and inspirational posts that never feel corny. Founder of Curves With Moves, she delivers weekly dance workouts (along with updates of her adorable family) and reminders to be your most confident and kind self.



One of the most hilarious new additions to my feed, Roz Mays is a personal trainer that brings personality, energy and just straight-up joy to fitness through pole dancing, TRX, strength & conditioning and flexibility. From activism (hello white supremacy busting donkey kicks!) to the real good, feel good stretches, you won’t be able to sit and scroll by her posts.

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