Amara La Negra and Skyy Vodka

Amara La Negra and Skyy Vodka

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What in the Amara Ciara is going on?!

This week fans of Amara La Negra were doing a double take at the star’s Instagram page, and not for her new music or her bevy of entrepreneurial pursuits either.

Followers of the Afro Latina bombshell could not help but notice how much she’s transformed over the last year, especially in a photo posted to her Instagram account on Oct. 23, where the Love & Hip-Hop alum gazes into the camera while asking fans in her caption:

“When you See Me What Do you See?”

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A few social media goers thought the burgeoning real estate mogul looked like Ciara.

“Damn I thought that was Ciara for a second,” wrote one user, while another person chimed in, “A pic of Ciara at least in this pic that’s who I thought u was.” Other fans thought the singer resembled the “Smize” queen Tyra banks, but either way, Amara looks stunning, right?

One thing is for sure, The “What A Bam Bam” crooner has certainly dawned a dramatically different look from when she first came into the industry with her big fro and curvaceous body. In the Afro-Latina community, in particular, fans were excited to see Amara break deep-rooted colorism issues- lingering problems from slavery that often discriminated against people of darker hues, shapes and sizes.

“Growing up, my mom used to always tell me that, because of the color of my skin, I would always have to work twice as hard to be recognized for my work,” Amara told the HuffPost in October 2020. “It wasn’t until I got older that I realized and understood what she meant by it.”

The Miami native has stood out in an entertainment industry often dominated by light-skin and Euro-centric Latina stars, a harmful trope that she said has worked against her in the past when it came down to getting opportunities. “Here’s a classic one — people consider me to be physically attractive, and I get the, ‘Oh my god, you’re a pretty Black girl,’ or ‘For being Black, you’re really pretty. I went to do an audition for a soap opera, and they told me, ‘You’re probably not going to get the role because they want someone who looks more Latina,” Amara explained.

The Dominican multi-hyphenates difficult journey in the music scene was documented on Love & Hip Hop: Miami after she joined the cast in 2018. Many fans could relate to her issues of colorism and praised the star for being a beacon of body positivity. However, this year it seemed as though some fans began to criticize Amara after her dramatic weight loss transformation.

Back in April, Amara appeared on Telemundo’s Latinx Now! show where she revealed she had lost a whopping 35 pounds due to stress.

“There was a lot of stuff going on in my life,” the Billboard “Breakout” star continued. “I love it! And to be honest, I embrace my stretch marks, my cellulite, my dimples my everything because I can still get it. So what’s the problem? What? I had a fan base that followed me because I was very curvy and I represented the Latinas and the Black beautiful women that were curvy and I get that part, but some part of that was a little bit unhealthy for me, personally.”

She added: “I’m not saying I won’t be able to get back into that, but this time around I kind of want to do it in the gym. To each its own. If you want to unfollow me because I’m not as thick, it’s ok my love because I’ll get a new fan base.”

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One thing is for sure, Amara never lets the negative hearsay from fans or the industry dictate the way she lives her life, and it’s something that many of her followers honor and cherish about her. Back in March, Amara went off on social media critics’ obsession with her new and healthy lifestyle.

“Before They said I was too FAT and I needed to lose weight! Now they say I’m too skinny and they like me better when I was Thick,” she wrote, according to Essence. “the point is you can’t ever make people happy is [sic] the most important thing is to make yourself happy!”

What do you think about Amara’s new look?

In other related news, the talented performer just recently dropped a new song called “Muevete” which you can watch below.

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