January 26, 2022

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Air Pollution: The More You Know, the Better You’ll Breathe

It’s December and we’re heading into pollution peak season in many parts of the world. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s getting colder, and we are using more energy to stay warm and to keep the lights on. Looking to the south, in Asia Pacific — Australia in particular — peak fire season is approaching. 

To help keep your lungs safe, healthy and full of fresh air, our team of air quality experts at Plume Labs has created a brand-new set of learning tools to help you understand air pollution and learn what you can do to breathe better. If you’re not familiar with our work, Plume Labs is an environmental tech company that focuses specifically on air pollution. Our mission is to make air quality information accessible and empowering—and on that note, let’s get down to it!

To get started, we’ve built a bank of critical air quality information—the facts you need to make day-to-day decisions, build a case for why clean air is so critical, dig deeper into air pollution news stories, and more. You can find it all in the Air Quality Knowledge Base.

For example, get the details on all the key pollutants that affect your health: from the particulars of particulate matter, to the need-to-knows of NO2.

This knowledge base is a living, breathing repository of facts based on collective research and will continue to evolve as we add more content and update existing articles. Our goal is to help you cut through the noise and get straight to the facts about the air you breathe. 

We know that with the right information at the right time, it is possible to reduce your exposure to air pollution. Going beyond the personal, information is also the key to making change — reducing air pollution overall. 

Studies have shown that an increase in science education is directly linked to an increase in public engagement with environmental issues. We strongly believe that sustainable, environmental change begins with understanding the crisis, and education is the key.

Check out the Knowledge Base

Building on the scientific foundation of the new air quality knowledge base, we have pulled the most important information together into a module-based, online course—complete with hands-on learning exercises.

Sign-up here to get started.

What happens next? You will receive an email every two days (seven in total including this one), starting right away. The emails contain a mix of information and exercises designed to transform you into an air quality expert! You can cancel at any point, and there is absolutely no cost for any of this.

The Air Quality 101 course is broken down into seven modules that will be delivered to you by email. Each module is divided into sections: an introduction; lecture; and exercises. As you work your way through each module, there will be opportunities to ask questions and make suggestions. All of your feedback is immensely helpful and will make the course better over time, so don’t be shy!

  • Module 1: What is Air Pollution? 

  • Module 2: How do you measure air quality?

  • Module 3: Breaking it down: Get to know the pollutants

  • Module 4: Understanding air quality information

  • Module 5: Making decisions and reducing exposure: outdoors

  • Module 6: Making decisions and reducing exposure: indoors

  • Module 7: Taking action

Start Learning

We hope you find this information useful in your quest for clean air, and on behalf of the whole Plume Labs team, breathe free and stay safe!

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