7 Crazy Facts About the Vietnam War Film ‘Apocalypse Now’

ByAgnes E. Utt

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If the 1979 film “Apocalypse Now” looks like an psychological roller coaster of a war movie, which is for the reason that it is, nearly actually. Director Francis Ford Coppola had to set up $30 million of his individual money, employing his household and winery as collateral to finish the motion picture the way he wanted. What started as a 14-week shoot would last a lot more than a yr.

Alongside the way, he endured from seizures, had a anxious breakdown and allegedly threatened to destroy himself a few times. A person of his major people arrived to the established vastly over weight and demanded to advert-lib his lines. His other most important character experienced a heart attack in the middle of the fim.

If that wasn’t lousy plenty of, Coppola couldn’t actually look at any of the scenes on established in the Philippines. Given that they had to be processed in the United States, he was compelled to shoot the full movie blind. Right here are just a handful of other facts about the film, and how they may have contributed to Coppola’s frayed nerves.

1. The Story Was Based on an 1899 Novel Established in the Belgian Congo.

“Apocalypse Now” is based mostly on the Joseph Conrad guide “Coronary heart of Darkness,” which is about a sailor traveling upriver to find an ivory trader named Kurtz who is supposedly unwell and is currently being worshiped by the natives. Alternatively of killing Kurtz, which is the mission in the 1979 film, Conrad’s character is out to rescue him.

A central topic in Conrad’s e book is that there isn’t a lot difference in between so-called “civilized” people and “savages.”

Coppola anticipated everybody in the movie to be familiar with “Heart of Darkness,” but when actor Marlon Brando arrived on established, he experienced neither browse the e-book nor the movie’s script. The director would invest a number of days studying the ebook to Brando in the course of production.

2. The Rogue Col. Kurtz Is Dependent on a Genuine Individual.

Robert Rheault was a West Position graduate who gained the Silver Star through the Korean War. He afterwards joined the Army’s Distinctive Forces and would command the 5th Exclusive Forces Team in Vietnam. He was virtually assured a general’s placement, but that was cut small when he was courtroom-martialed for the extrajudicial killing of a South Vietnamese double agent. The prices ended up afterwards dropped, but Rheault’s job was ruined.

A newspaper clipping of Col. Robert Rheault, who is not 300 lbs and is also not bald.

Col. Kurtz was meant to be a suit, lithe Unique Forces officer, but Brando arrived weighing 300 pounds and demanding to be filmed in shadows. Coppola got so discouraged with the actor that assistant director Jerry Ziesmer experienced to movie his scenes.

3. The Motion picture Works by using Real Useless Bodies as Props.

Some of the movie’s scenes were intensely comprehensive and complex, like the helicopter assault and the arrival at Col. Kurtz’s compound. For months, rumors flew among the creation staff members that some of the useless bodies were precise human remains, but most shrugged it off as just rumor.

When producer Gray Frederickson looked into the rumor, he learned that the prop tent had acquired true cadavers from a healthcare college provider. It later turned out that the supplier was really a grave robber.

Not pictured: cadavers. Not in this shot, in any case. (United Artists)

4. A Drinking water Buffalo Is Definitely Sacrificed on Screen.

When filming in the Philippines, a single of the local tribes, the Ifugao, was slaughtering a drinking water buffalo as a sacrifice. The crew experienced provided a variety of animals to the tribes as payment for filming on their land, which include two h2o buffalo.

And you believed the plot was dim. (United Artists)

Coppola’s wife filmed one particular of the h2o buffalo sacrifices. The director himself filmed the next sacrifice. He didn’t immediate the action he just filmed it and integrated the footage in the closing scenes of “Apocalypse Now.”

5. Martin Sheen’s Breakdown Scene Is Real.

In the starting of the movie, Martin Sheen’s character, Capt. Benjamin Willard, returns to South Vietnam immediately after getting property in the states. He is witnessed possessing a breakdown in a hotel room, wherever he breaks a mirror, cuts his hand and commences crying. The scene, it turns out, is solely unscripted.

Sheen was struggling with alcoholism through the generation and was drunk throughout Willard’s breakdown scene. As Willard the character broke down, so did Sheen. Coppola attempted to stop filming, but Sheen begged him to preserve rolling. The consequence produced it into the closing reduce of the film.

“I experienced carried out that scene at bars I had carried out that scene at residence,” Sheen afterwards stated. “I experienced to occur to grips with it. I had to exorcize that out of myself.”

6. The Combat Troops Had been Definitely Preventing.

The movie did not get assist from the U.S. military because of Capt. Willard’s mission to get rid of Col. Kurtz. Instead, Coppola acquired the Philippine Military to provide helicopters and pilots for the generation. All through filming, primarily the “Ride of the Valkyries” helicopter assault scene, they had to be identified as absent for genuine battle.

Though “Apocalypse Now” was filming, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos’ govt was active battling communist rebels who were being battling close by. The movie’s pilots experienced to be known as absent and had been replaced by pilots unfamiliar with the creation.

7. ‘Apocalypse Now’ Encouraged Its Possess Documentary Movie.

Whilst Coppola was earning his magnum opus, his spouse Eleanor was filming driving-the-scenes footage on her individual. When any issue arose all through output — such as a hurricane, Sheen’s alcohol-induced coronary heart attack, and the delays and price tag overruns — she documented the reactions of the solid, crew and her partner, the director.

In 1990, she handed the movie more than to two documentary filmmakers, George Hickenlooper and Fax Bahr. They interviewed solid associates about the earning of the film many years later on. The final result was an edited documentary known as “Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse.” It won quite a few awards.

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