November 28, 2021

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20+ Subtle Ways Your House Might Be Making You Sick

That plastic-y smell a vinyl shower curtain—or liner—is caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs). At high enough concentrations, they can irritate your respiratory tract as well as cause long-term damage to the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). “VOCs are released from a wide variety of sources in our homes: flooring, paints, cabinetry, furniture, carpeting, and even vinyl shower curtains,” Adler says. “Swapping a vinyl shower curtain with a polyester one is a simple but effective way to reduce VOCs.”

Plastic shower curtains can also harbour harmful mould and mildew. “Mildew is not necessarily black or brown or gray—it can also be the pink and orange stuff,” says Melissa Maker, founder of Canadian cleaning service Clean My Space and host of the CleanMySpace YouTube Channel. “Turn your fan on and let it run for 30 minutes after you get out of the shower.” Also, close your curtain after showering, instead of leaving it scrunched to one side, to let it dry out, Maker says. In addition, another reason to avoid plastic shower curtains is to get one that’s machine-washable.

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